How Heidi Klum And Seal Named Baby Lou


heidi-klum-sulolaWhen it comes to naming your baby (or just about anything) the creative process can easily spiral out of control. Apparently, Seal and Heidi were at odds over the name of their baby up until just after she was born when they looked at her and decided that the name Lou fit best. Were they right?

Apparently, they were kicking around all kinds of names, for example Ellie (which I like) and Elfie (I’m sure that Lou will forever be grateful they didn’t go with this). Eventually, they decided to get inspiration from the new baby herself:

“We had four or five names that we really liked. We wanted to wait until she came out and then we liked Lou. I liked Ellie, but she looked more like a Lou. Lou was the winner.”

While I’m not great judge of names, and think the name “Lou” fits her just fine, I’m not the superstitious type who believes that there’s just one perfect name out there for each baby. That’s a lot of pressure on the parents.

Do you think that Seal and Heidi got it right?


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