How J.LO Can Reboot 'American Idol'

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New 'American Idol' Judge - Jennifer Lopez

On Wednesday Sept. 22, FOX executives announced Jennifer Lopez as a judge for this season of American Idol. And with that decision comes great optimistic feelings about the future of the franchise -albeit if J.Lo chooses to follow some advice.

1. Be 100% Honest

J.Lo should realize that the greatest advice she can give to the next generation of Kelly Clarksons is brutal honesty. There are worse fates than finding out you don’t have what it takes to become a professional singer.

2. Authority Wins

If Lopez wants to connect with the audience at home and help the contestants, she needs to instantly formulate an opinion about a performance, and then stick to that opinion regardless of what her fellow judges say.

3. Keep It Real

Idol is about finding the next big talent, not foisting a contrived, “look at me!” shtick onto the public. She could begin a new chapter as the woman who helped breathe new life into the nation’s number one TV show.

Good Luck, J.Lo!

Do you think Jennifer Lopez can revive the faltering series?