How Jake Gyllenhaal Broke Taylor Swifts Heart! Here's 2 Ways


Taylor Swift

Jake Gyllenhaal reportedly dumped Taylor Swift without much fanfare or warning.  The young songstress has been lucky in business but not in love. And she is reportedly taking the Jake Gyllenhaal situation pretty hard. And Jake Gyllenhaal? He ain’t helping her heal. After he broke up with her he stabbed her in the heart not once but twice. How?

In Touch Weekly is reporting that first he was spotted at the Art of Elysium Heaven Gala in LA with Camilla Belle just weeks after him and Taylor broke up. “Jake was sitting next to Camilla, and he was very chatty and flirty with her.” That’s all fine and dandy but it’s been rumored that Taylor Swift’s old boyfriend Joe Jonas broke up with her for Camilla Belle!

Then, instead of taking his mom, his sister or some kind of platonic friend to the Golden Globes, Jake Gyllenhaal took his ex – Jenny Lewis as his date.

You know what Jake Gyllenhaal needs? Lessons on how to properly break up with a girl and how to not keeping breaking her heart after the deed is done. But hey, this all might be fodder for Taylor Swift’s next album!

Photo: PR Photos.