How Jessica Alba Plans to Get Her Body Back After Pregnancy

Jessica Alba pregnant
Jessica Alba, expecting her second child

After the birth of her first daughter, Honor, Jessica Alba proved that she could bounce right back to her fabulous figure. Yeah, we sort of hate her for that.

Honor will be three years-old next month. While some moms are still struggling to take off the baby weight when their child turns three, Jessica Alba is pregnant with her second child, so she has a different kind of baby weight to worry about.

Jessica credits good genes for her ability to bounce back after pregnancy: “My grandmother was amazing. She would go home and would put on the clothes that she wore before she got pregnant with all five of her kids. It’s definitely good genetics, but she also worked through all of her pregnancies. Just being on your feet and moving probably helped.”

Good genetics, sure. But, it probably had a lot to do with how much weight she gained during her pregnancy and how quickly she got active, too! Let’s not kid ourselves here!

What did you do to lose the baby weight?

Photo: PCN

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