How John McCluskey's Mom Helped Him and Casslyn Welch


John McCluskey Casslyn WelchModern-day Bonnie and Clyde John McCluskey and Casslyn Welch were captured yesterday following a three-week manhunt after he escaped from prison. They did a lot of heinous things during their crime spree; they’re suspected of killing at least two people. But even when her son is accused of murder, a mother will still come to his aid.

McCluskey’s mother, Claudia Washburn, was arrested last week, before the duo was captured, for allegedly helping the two of them with their escape.

Washburn has reason to want to help both of them: She’s also related to Welch.

Welch is Washburn’s niece. McCluskey and Welch, who are engaged, are also cousins, and Welch’s mom is Washburn’s sister. Yeah, eww.

Anyway, Washburn was accused of helping to aid her son and his fiance/cousin. She was arrested on charges of conspiracy to commit escape, hindering prosecution and facilitation to commit escape.

The couple allegedly stopped off at Washburn’s hometown during their trip through Arizona, though it’s not clear if they actually visited her house.

But Washburn’s husband, who is McCluskey’s stepfather, evidently had little sympathy for his stepson. In a video that made the rounds after Washburn’s arrest, Jack Washburn declared that the Bonnie and Clyde act had to end, and that if he saw McCluskey, he’d shoot him himself.


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