How Long Did It Take For Coachella Tickets to Sell Out?


If you were hemming and hawing about whether you were going to pack up the kids, go to the desert, brave the heat, the humanity and the hectic-ness all to listen to some live tunage at Coachella, well you waited too long. The Coachella tickets have all sold out. The Festival Passes were sold for $269 or $699 for a VIP ticket.

It seemed like these pricey tickets went pretty quick. How long did it take for them to sell out?

Just one week. The lineup, dates and info was released last week and just 7 days later the Coachella people announced that tickets were no longer available.

It looks like people were anxious to check out  Kings of Leon, Arcade Fire, Kanye West, the Black Keys, Interpol, PJ Harvey, the Chemical Brothers, Duran Duran, Cee Lo Green, Ms. Lauryn Hill, the Strokes, Animal Collective and Mumford & Sons among many others.

Do you wish you were going? If so, you can spend up to around $900 for a ticket! Some Craigslist sellers, online ticket flippers and the like are selling the coveted concert tickets for great big profits.

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