How Many Millions Did Cristiano Ronaldo Pay The Mother Of His Child?


Who was the surrogate of Cristiano Ronaldo’s child? We’ll never know!

The Portuguese soccer star gave the woman a whopping $20 million for giving up her rights to the child and promising to remain silent. Cristiano described the child’s birthday as “the most expensive day of my life.”

Why would he pay this much and why is silence so important?

The unnamed lady is said to be “a party girl.” Now, I could be wrong, but you don’t shell out $20 mill if the woman was just your regular club hopper. Could she be a stripper? Criminal? Under-aged? A friend of his girlfriend Irina Shayk?  The whole things seems weird, right?

Regardless, I give the 25 year old credit for wanting to raise a family. He plans on having help from his mother and sister and is setting an example world-wide that single fatherhood can be a beautiful option.