How Melissa Rycroft Feels About 'Bachelor' Brad Womack

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Melissa Rycroft (Above) Dishes on Brad Womack

So how does soon-to-be mom Melissa Rycroft of Bachelor fame feel about the show’s decision to bring back Brad Womack?

“It’s an interesting decision!” she tells

In 2007, Womack, 37, made Bachelor history when he chose to not propose to either one of the final women, DeAnna Pappas and Jenni Croft, standing before him in the finale.

Despite fans’ outrage at Womack’s move, Rycroft tells Us he’s “a great guy. I don’t think he made a bad decision the first time around. I don’t hold anything against him. I am excited to see what happens this time.”

The Bachelor franchise is very creative, and they’re known for mixing stuff up last minute and surprising the audience,” she adds. “So it’ll be interesting to see how they change the format.”

Who else thinks Melissa Rycroft said all of this just to keep her multiple jobs with ABC? I personally feel her 15 minutes are up and she is wasted space. But, I too am going in with an open mind when The Bachelor premieres early next year. How do you feel?