How Melissa Rycroft Survived Postpartum Depression

melissa rycroft, the bachelor, postpartum depression
Melissa Rycroft talks about surviving postpartum depression.

In the new issue of Us Weekly magazine, former Bachelor star Melissa Rycroft opens up about how she survived postpartum depression.

Melissa and her husband Tye Strickland were rather surprised when they realized they were expecting a mere months after there December 2009 wedding.

“We had a baby in our five-year plan, but we weren’t trying,” Rycroft, 29, tells Us Weekly. “There was excitement but shock too.”

Those erratic emotions followed throughout the pregnancy. “Almost immediately I didn’t feel right,” she says.  “I had just given birth to this perfect baby, but absolutely nothing made me happy anymore. I had no idea what was wrong. I had these great blessings, but I felt empty. I’d put Ava in her crib and go outside and scream for a minute.”

She continues, “Three months after I had Ava, I told Tye, ‘I don’t know how to make this better. I need help.’ Now Tye and I go once a week [to therapy]. We talk about getting over my guilt, and the tears really flow. She reaffirms that what’s going on is chemical. But talking to someone is only going to help so much until my body gets back to the way it was . We want another baby, but I’m going to need time to enjoy being Melissa again.”

Have you suffered from postpartum depression? Tell us about your experience!