How Miranda Kerr Lost The Baby Weight So Fast (Photos)

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Does this look like a new mom to you?

You’d never know that Miranda Kerr had a baby just six months ago by looking at her. The Australian Victoria Secret’s Angel, and wife of Orlando Bloom may have given birth to their son Flynn, back in January, but almost as soon as she gave birth, she looked just as svelte as she did before her pregnancy.

What’s her secret? She recently opened up about her weight loss and post baby body.

On Access Hollywood, Miranda said exercise has been a lifelong endeavor:

‘I practiced yoga for over 10 years and I just continued that practice throughout my whole pregnancy and then after as well. It does (keep you in shape after the birth) especially when you’re breast feeding,”

Kerr also practices Nichiren Buddhism and believes “we have a responsibility to bring peace and harmony to our lives and the world.” She also reportedly chants every morning and night for 20 minutes, practices yoga, and meditates. Her daily regimen includes daily yoga, light jogging, and a diet of steamed vegetables, fresh fruit, and fish.

Miranda Kerr, Miranda Kerr new mom, Miranda Kerr post baby, Miranda Kerr baby weight
Just three months after giving birth....lifelong yoga pays off!

Image: Pacific Coast News