How Much Money Will David Arquette Get In The Divorce From Courteney Cox?


davidarquettecourteneycoxprenupThe David Arquette-Courteney Cox divorce seems full steam ahead as the Scream 4 actor continues to use questionable judgment in blabbing about his sexual dalliances to Howard Stern. While David does direct, act, paint, and according to his Twitter, occasionally cook, he doesn’t make as much as his soon to be ex wife.

Courteney’s bank account may amount to as much as $100 million thanks to the Friends franchise. So just how much could David get in the divorce?


Unlike most Hollywood couples, they did not have a pre-nup. David, for all his questionable behavior in the recent days since the news hit, is acting like a stand-up gentleman when it comes to dividing assets. “I have no interest in Courteney’s money. I have my own money. I don’t care about that. We’re cool on the financial stuff and are totally focused on [their daughter] Coco.”