How Naomi Watts Walks 2 Toddlers With One Stroller


wattsswitchesherboysktelqgfntenlHow does Naomi manage to give both Sasha and Kai equal time in the stroller? Simple. She makes a lap around the block, makes a call on her cell phone, then pulls the old switcharoo.

According to the paparazzi stalking the celebrity mom in NYC yesterday, that’s how Naomi makes sure both her boys get their fresh air.

Of course, she could just get a double stroller, but maybe Sasha and Kai are getting too big for that now. And hey, what are dads for, right? That’s assuming that Liev was the nanny, which he probably was.

Look at that stroller she’s got Sasha in — it’s one part stroller, one part sleeping bag… a mummy bag to be exact. That’s awesome.


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