How Niki Taylor Lost 59 Pregnancy Pounds


Model Niki Taylor, 35, has 15-year-old twins, Hunter and Jake, from her first marriage and gave birth 13 months ago to a baby girl, Ciel (dad is race car driver Burney Lamar, 29). The 5’11” stunner says having teenage boys in the house made it harder to lose weight, given they eat cinnamon rolls and cereal or “teenage food” as staples. So how did she go from 197 pounds down to a svelte 138?

Okay, prepare to be unenthused by the secret: a healthy diet of oatmeal sprinkled with berries, and chicken broiled in coconut oil. And of course workouts. “If I have dessert, I spend a half an hour more exercising,” says Taylor, who spends 30 minutes a day doing cardio such as walking, jogging or on the treadmill. “So I would rather just have the bite than work out an hour!”

So check out the pictures of her family here. Is it me or were you sort of confused about who are her sons and who is her beau? Talk about young looking!

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