How Old is Dick Clark Now? Is It Time for Him to Retire from New Year's Countdown Live?

dick clark's rockin new year's eve 2011
Dick Clark's Rockin' New Year's Eve 2011

Did you watch the ball drop last night?  Were you watching Dick Clark count down to the New Year?

Dick Clark is now 81 years old.  He started “Rockin New Years Eve” in 1972.  Though he’s pretty much been given a tiny role for the past few years after his stroke, with Ryan Seacrest taking over the hosting duties, he does still do the final countdown to the New Year. How much longer will he continue to be a part of the show?

Though the man is practically a television legend, those I was watching with last night all remarked on how sad the whole countdown seemed, how much he struggles with it.

But, he’s the man behind the show, the one that everyone expects to see. Do you think that Dick Clark should still be part of the show for as long as he is able to or should there come a point where he bows out?

Do you look forward to seeing Dick Clark every New Year’s Eve?