How Old is Fergie? Find Out Here


how old is fergie

Many people had a big question on the forefront of their minds during the superbowl. It wasn’t who is going to win the big game. It wasn’t what the final score would be but rather something very un-football related. The question?

How old is Fergie? Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas performed during the Super Bowl Half Time Show. A show that came with very mixed reviews due to the lack luster performance of the band and the issues with the sound quality. The voices were flat, dull and did not bring the magic. And with Fergie looking fired, distracted and kinda bored many were wondering how old she is.

The answer? Fergie is 35. She was born on March 27th 1975 so next month she’ll be 36. She is married to Josh Duhamel, and if they plan to start a family, those two better get working on it!

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