How Old Is Florence Henderson? Old Enough To Know Better!

how old is florence henderson
How old is Florence Henderson, mom of four?

How old is Florence Henderson? This mom of four is old enough to know better! The woman best known as squeaky clean mama Brady seemed to be on a mission to dirty her reputation last night during her “Dancing with the Stars” premiere.

Henderson is 76, and don’t get me wrong, she looks terrific. But just in her short 5-minute segment, we got references from her to spanking, swearing and sex. It felt forced to me, just like the dirty-old-granny act that Cloris Leachman and Betty White have been peddling recently.

Is this what we demand of our grandmothers these days acting sexy to stay relevant? I say just because you can wear a skirt slit up to THERE doesn’t mean you should. It’s a strange example to set for kids, that just because you’re a certain age you can suddenly act naughty and get away with it.

Still, Florence’s flirting with judge Len Goodman could be the season’s most intriguing storyline he usually goes for the young ones!

Photo: ABC