How Old is Suzanne Somers? How Does She Stay 'Sexy Forever'?


Suzanne Somers has a quite a lofty goal. She intends on trying to stay “sexy forever” and you know what? She’s doing a pretty good job at it!

Today Suzanne Somers visited the fourth hour of the today show with Hoda Kotb and Katie Lee Giffords to chat about her new book “Sexy Forever: How to Fight Fat After Forty,”  where she “shares diet secrets to lose belly fat.”

But one question came to the forefront of many a viewers minds…how old is the “sexy forever” Suzanne Somers?Suzanne was born back in 1946 and is a very youthful looking 64. And her son, Bruce Jr.,  is 45. She looks more like 45 than 64!

Her new book talks about the importance of eating “real foods” with section like “Hello TV dinners, goodbye health,” and “What we should be eating: Butter and other good fats.”

You can check out video of Suzanne Somers and read an excerpt from her book here.

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