How Rachel Weisz's Son Keeps Her Chickens Safe


Actress Rachel Weisz’s four-year-old son is already stepping up and playing protector of some members of the family at their upstate New York country home. Henry has taken it upon himself to keep coyotes away from the family’s chicken coop.

So how does Henry do it? “Apparently if human beings urinate around the perimeter of the chicken coop it keeps the coyotes at bay,” Weisz said. “Apparently they don’t like human urine.” That’s right, Weisz’s four-year-old has been urinating around the fence of their chicken coop–where they keep nine hens and one rooster–to maintain the birds’ safety.

“He’s serious,” Weisz said. “He drinks a lot and he saves his pee for the chicken coop.” But don’t worry, that’s not all he does for the animals. Henry does actually play with the chickens, sometimes chasing them around and catching them, according to his mom.

So it’s a slightly different activity, we imagine, from a little boy  playing fetch with the family dog, but hey, who are we to judge?


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