How Should Kendra & Family Handle Today's Video Release? Bridget Marquardt Offers Her Support


Kendra Wilkinson’s tape was released today and is causing much searching for illegal downloads and screenshots by college students. With the lead up to its release appearing to cause havoc in her marriage, it’s anyone’s guess as to how it will play out. As Famecrawler reported earlier today, Hank is not planning on divorce and all seems peachy keen, but one off-handed remark in the locker room and Hank may lose his cool.

And even if they are both fine with it, all the will-they-won’t-they drama leads to higher sales so they may as will continue with it even if it’s all a farce.

As a former publicist I would suggest Kendra takes today and either 1) Stays away from the cameras or 2) Does a family activity that shows the public that she and Hank are weathering the storm with flying colors. Pictures of her and her baby Hank Jr are also incredibly helpful to remind people that she is now a mom and her life has changed since she made the tape.

Kendra has been following at least one of these things. She’s been out of the public eye and even gone so far as to cut herself off from her friends. Fellow former  girlfriend of Hugh Hefner, Bridget Marquardt, has said that since the news came out about the tape, they haven’t spoke.

“I haven’t talked to [Kendra] much, she is kind of reclusive right now,” Bridget told Regardless, the Playmate still has her back. “We’re friends, if she needs anything, I’m there for her. You know it’s a stressful time right now, but she’s strong and will get through this as well.”

Bridget also believes that Kendra and Hank will make it through this scandal.  “Hank is very supportive and he’s a sweetheart, so I’m sure he’s doing fine!”