How Sweet! Tori Spelling and Stella Celebrate Valentine's Day With a Great American Cookies Cake (Photos)


tori and stellaNow that’s the way to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

Tori Spelling and her older daughter, Stella, honored the holiday a little early by setting up an outdoor tea party featuring chocolate chip, Domino and M&M cookies from Great American Cookies.

Then Stella surprised her with a giant heart-shaped Cookie Cake. The sweet masterpiece was custom-designed by Stella with the help of Great American Cookies, featuring a loving Valentine message.

As you can see, the mom and daughter couldn’t wait to sink their teeth into it! (But we bet they saved some for the rest of the family.)

See their fun photos here!

  • Surprise! 1 of 5
    Stella surprised her mom with a cookie cake that she designed herself with the help of Great American Cookies.
  • Sweets for the sweet 2 of 5
    Sweets for the sweet
    Chocolate chip and M&Ms cookies were also part of the tea party that featured the Great American Cookies heart cake.
  • Will they split it three ways? 3 of 5
    Will they split it three ways?
    That Great American Cookies treat is big enough to share with a stuffed monkey friend.
  • Getting set 4 of 5
    Getting set
    Stella pushes back her hair so it won't get in the way when she samples the Great American Cookies Valentine's Day treat.
  • Yum! 5 of 5
    Tori and Stella dig into the Great American Cookies cake together.

[Photos: Michael Simon]

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