How Tall Is Katy Perry?

how tall is katy perry
How Tall is Katy Perry?

How tall is Katy Perry? After Katy Perry’s interview in Elle magazine revealing that she weighs about 130 pounds, people are wondering what her height is. The answer? Katy Perry is estimated to be around 5’8″.

At 5’8″ and 130 pounds, Katy Perry is slim, but healthy. Honestly, I found it incredibly refreshing to hear a star as big as Katy Perry admit how much she weighs to the world, and not lie about it. In Hollywood, we constantly hear about celebrities who are barely 100 pounds, so it’s nice to hear a realistic number for a change.

Katy Perry admits that she has had insecurities about her body in the past just like any other woman, but she definitely seems to appreciate and embrace who she is.

Photo: PRPhotos