How Teen Mom Amber Portwood Lost 65 Pounds


Sixteen and Pregnant turned Teen Mom star Amber Portwood has struggled with weight her entirely life. But, the now 20-year-old recently shed her baby weight–and then some–and dished on how she did it.

Portwood, who gave birth to daughter Leah (with 23-year-old boyfriend Gary Shirley) in November 2008, told she’s been “chunky my whole life.” But something changed when she looked in the mirror sometime after giving birth to her daughter, and she decided to lose the weight once and for all.

“I was looking in the mirror and I thought, I don’t like this,” she said. “I’m only 20. I need to kick it into gear.” And that’s exactly what she did. The reality star gave up things like mac and cheese and sweets, and substituted them for fruits, veggies, and lean meat instead. Plus, she’s devoted a pretty significant amount of time to exercise–two-hour cardio and strength sessions four times a week. She’s even taken up martial arts (Krav Maga!) and will be competing in the sport soon.

Not only is this young mom super excited about her new body (“The first time I tried on jeans after I lost weight, they were a size one. This is crazy!”), her baby daddy Shirley doesn’t mind it either, according to Portwood.

But the biggest take-away for Portwood, who is now 118 pounds at 5-feet-4 inches: “I’m more comfortable in my skin,” she said.