How to Dress Like a Muppet in Real Life!

I can not deny it. I love the Muppets. Always have, always will. They weren’t just a big part of my childhood, but of my daughter’s as well. There are many ways we can pay tribute to these iconic characters. We can watch The Muppets Show, we can watch their newest film The Muppets, and we can dress like the Muppets. Yes, you read me right, we can all dress like the Muppets, and it’s a pretty chic and fashionable thing to do! Check out our collection of Muppets-inspired outfits from Miss Piggy to Kermit to Beaker to the Swedish Chef right here!

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  • Miss Piggy 2 of 27
    Miss Piggy
  • Our Miss Piggy 3 of 27
    Our Miss Piggy
    The most stylish Muppet is, of course, Miss Piggy. And while Miss Piggy looks fabulous in everything, we opted to put her in one of her favorite colors - pink. Plus of course we gave her a strand of pearls (she loves them), long gloves (she's never seen without them), a bit of bling (of course), and a pair of Louboutins!
    The Maxmara Pianoforte Nerine strapless dress for $594 is hot option for Miss Piggy. Buy here.
    For the pearls we gave her this Brooks Brothers 10mm Glass Pearl Necklace for $398. Buy here.
    The black gloves are oh-so-chic. These P.A.R.O.S.H long leather gloves cost $295. Buy here.
    Of course Miss Piggy needs some diamonds! We gave her this Round Diamond Butterfly Halo ring for $1980. Buy here.
    In The Muppets Miss Piggy wore a pair of her very own Christian Louboutins, so we gave her a pair here, the Highness that go for $3995. Buy here.
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    Fozzie Bear
  • Our Fozzie Bear 5 of 27
    Our Fozzie Bear
    Fozzie Bear doesn't wear much, his costume consists of a polka dot scarf and his little brown hat. But we paid homage to this lovable jokester with this fur hued dress and Fozzie-ish accessories.
    This Carven Lace Overlay Dress is a great color for Fozzie for $761. Buy here.
    Of course Fozzie needs that iconic polka dot scarf, this Kate Spade one retails for $98. Buy here.
    Fozzie always wears a little brown hat, this Selima Johnny Brown Straw Hat does the job for $315. Buy here.
    To pay tribute to the bear-ness of Fozzie, we finished the outfit with this Momocreatura Gold Hand-Cuffed Bear Necklace for $505. Buy here.
  • Animal 6 of 27
  • Our Animal 7 of 27
    Our Animal
    Animal is wild, totally rock-n-roll and wild! Our Animal isn't over the top, but perfect for a night out at the club.
    We splurged on this Lanvin Silk Satin Top which retails for $1615. Buy here.
    Animal often has a chain around his next, we gave our Animal this Guess Silver-Tone Chain Link Necklace for $25. Buy here.
    Of course Animal has to have leather pant! These Ventcouvert Leather trousers are rockin' for $1005. Buy here.
    To pay tribute to Animals feather like hair, we gave our Animal this Inspired by Claire Jane Gothic Feather Purse that costs $145. Buy here.
    And since he is wild, we gave our Animal these very wild Christian Louboutin Pigalle Spiked heels for $1195. Buy here.
  • Swedish Chef 8 of 27
    Swedish Chef
  • Our Swedish Chef 9 of 27
    Our Swedish Chef
    Channel your inner Swedish Chef with this Muppet inspired outfit, yes, the hat might be a bit costume-ish but you can't really be the Swedish Chef without it!
    The Swedish Chef always seems to be wearing a blue and white striped shirt like this The Row Shore cotton version for $518. Buy here.
    Plus you'll need a red bow tie like this one from House of Ties for $33. Buy here.
    Instead of a long white apron, we went for a pure white shirt with this Reiss Nix Knitted Side Panel Skirt for $210. Buy here.
    As for the Chef's hat we found this one for $11.99 from Gracious Home. Buy here.
    And of course our Chef need a little cooking bling like this Butchers Knife Necklace on Etsy for $17. Buy here.
  • Dr. Teeth 10 of 27
    Dr. Teeth
  • Our Dr. Teeth 11 of 27
    Our Dr. Teeth
    Dr. Teeth has a cult following, and for good reason. He's totally cool! We made put together this funky rock-n-roll inspired outfit for our Dr. Teeth.
    The highlight of the outfit is this If Six Was Nine fur vest which is a splurge for $2280. Buy here.
    Dr. Teeth always wears a striped shirt, we gave our Dr. Teeth this Splendid striped henley that costs $86. Buy here.
    Jeans are a funky must, here our Dr. Teeth wears a pair of Rag and Bone Jean Skinny Jeans for $220. Buy here.
    A Top Hat is a must and this one is very affordable! It's just $8.95. Buy here.
    For the shoes, we went with the Rag & Bone Classic Newbury Suede Ankle Boots for $561. Buy here.
    And we finished the outfit off with a teeth inspired necklace, the Kelacala Q Tri Cinque Necklace for $78. Buy here.
  • Scooter 12 of 27
  • Our Scooter 13 of 27
    Our Scooter
    Oh Scooter! How much do we love this little task-master!
    Scooter always wears a green satin jacket, we went with a more feminine version with this Love Moschino jacket that retails for $298. Buy here.
    Jeans are practical choice for Scooter like these Tommy Hilfiger Sophie skinny vintage twill jean for $130. Buy here.
    Under his lime green jacket, Scooter wears a bright yellow shirt like this Anna & Boy Acid-yellow and white trapeze tank top for $179. Buy here.
    And for running around our Scooter sports there Marc by Marc Jacobs Mylo Leather High-Top Sneakers for $303. Buy here.
  • Beaker 14 of 27
  • Our Beaker 15 of 27
    Our Beaker
    I love Beaker. He is hilarious, and adorable. We put together this Beaker inspired outfit with a lab style coat and orange accents.
    Our Beaker's lab coat is the Oui Long sleeved boucle coat that is available for $360. Buy here.
    To pay homage to Beaker's orange hair, we have added in this Orange Penny Blossom Rhinestone Flower Barrette that's just $7.50 from Etsy. Buy here.
    Since Beaker is a scientist, we threw in this Rutherford-Bohr Model Atom Necklace for $25.99. Buy here.
    Beaker totally needs a tie! We gave our Beaker the Terracotta New York The Sinclair that retails for $100. Buy here.
    Another nod to Beaker's orange are these L.A.M.B. Jocelyn pumps for $266. Buy here.
  • Statler and Waldorf 16 of 27
    Statler and Waldorf
  • Our Statler and Waldorf 17 of 27
    Our Statler and Waldorf
    Of course we had to pay homage to those snappy dressers Statler and Waldorf. Since they just wore black suits, we opted to pay tribute to their gold and red brocade balcony!
    For the black blazer we found this Ted Baker Tirri shiny suit blazer for $300. Buy here.
    We paired the blazer with a basic pair of slacks with these Ted Baker JIRAT - Tailored stretch suit trousers for $199. Buy here.
    To pay tribute to the gold that is in their balcony, we found this Lucky Brand Indian Spice Angular Cuff for $53. Buy here.
    And to pay tribute to the red brocade of the balcony we found these Emma Hope Jeweled Brocade Slingback pumps for $765. Buy here.
    To finish the outfit off, and to reflect one of the men's red ties, we found this Alienina Tangle Necklace for $132. Buy here.
  • Janice 18 of 27
  • Our Janice 19 of 27
    Our Janice
    Our favorite hippie chick, the one and only Janice! You can not love Janice!
    We put our Janice in a Forever New Miranda Fringed Lace Tank that retails for $41. Buy here.
    Janice always rocks a jean mini, we put her in this NSF Donia denim skirt that retails for $187. Buy here.
    Janice also loves her sandals, here she wears the Steve Madden Xtrime Wedge Sandal Fawn Patent that go for $99. Buy here.
    Over her long hair Janice wears a 1920s style Cloche hat that costs $185. Buy here.
    We finished her outfit with the Forzieri Mystic Beads Necklace for $33. Buy here.
  • Rowlf the Dog 20 of 27
    Rowlf the Dog
  • Our Rowlf the Dog 21 of 27
    Our Rowlf the Dog
    Rowlf the Dog actually doesn't have a costume at all, but we put together this brown fur hued outfit for those who feel that Rowlf could be a fashion inspiration!
    We splurged, and went not-animal friendly with this Jean Paul Gaultier fur short coat (Rowlf is ALL about the fur). Oh and this piece ain't cheap. It retails for $10, 285. Buy here.
    On the bottom we gave her a Ralph Lauren Tack Brown Washed Tuscany Lamb Pembroke Skirt for $515. Buy here.
    For shoes, we gave Rowlf these Guess Shoes Bolim in Brown for $165. Buy here.
    And to pay homage to his very round black nose, we gave our Rowlf these black round earring by Shopbop for $50. Buy here.    
  • Gonzo 22 of 27
  • Our Gonzo 23 of 27
    Our Gonzo
    Gonzo is one dapper dude, he is often seen wearing an old school burgundy suit, so of course our Gonzo has to do the same.
    This Dolce and Gabbana suit jacket is a perfect color for Gonzo and available for $270. Buy here.
    We paired the jacket with these Marshall Artist trousers for $68. Buy here.
    Gonzo always wears a bow tie, our Gonzo wears the Satin Tuxedo Bow Tie in Burgundy for $8.95. Buy here.
    To pay homage to Gonzo's blue hue, we gave our Gonzo this Saint Laurent Grand Cabas Y In Blue Leather handbag, a splurge at $2850. Buy here.
    For Gonzo's black shoes, we went with these slightly edgy FIEL Rema cutout leather brogues for $235. Buy here.
    We finished the outfit off with this Chanel vintage flower brooch which costs $650. Buy here.
  • Walter 24 of 27
  • Our Walter 25 of 27
    Our Walter
    New newest of the Muppets is Walter who starred (and won hearts) in The Muppets. We, of course, had to include him!
    To start off the outfit we gave our Walter a baby blue Penn & Ink Blazer that retails for $180. Buy here.
    We paired that off with a pair of Jil Sander Micro-striped Cropped Cotton Trousers for $265. Buy here.
    And although this was made for men, a woman could totally pull this off! The Neil Barrett white cotton shirt with silk tie is totally perfect for Walter and retails for $430. Buy here.
    To pay homage to Walter's Oxfords, we found these Fratelli Rossetti Two-Tone Wingtip Oxford for $299. Buy here.
    And you know who Walter loves? Muppets! For his adoration of Kermit we gave Walter this Kenneth Jay Lane frog necklace for $275. Buy here.
  • Kermit 26 of 27
  • Our Kermit 27 of 27
    Our Kermit
    My 7-year-old daughter LOVES Kermit, so I let her put together this froggie inspired outfit, and you know what, I think she did a fab job. As it turns out, it is easy to be green!
    She gave our Kermit a Issa Green V Neck Silk Jersey Dress that retails for $235. Buy here.
    The bright green pumps are by Giuseppe Zanotti and cost $550. Buy here.
    And the fly silver earrings, because all frogs love flies, cost just $16. Buy here.
    To pay homage to Kermit's love for Miss Piggy, our version of Kermit wears this gold pig necklace that costs $3,920 (yes, it's real gold!). Buy here.
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