How to Juggle a Child with Hilary Duff! (Photos)

Hilary Duff and Luca!

Juggling child is a challenging skill to master. But once you have a child of your own, it’s amazing quickly and efficiently you are able to wrangle a little one. Here Hilary Duff shows us how it is done.

The gorgeous new mom was spotted in Beverly Hills with her son Luca on their way to a friends house. Hilary got her young son of her Mercedes Benz G Class SUV and did the mother juggle swinging him around from one side of her body to the other. And she did the whole task in heels!

Check out the play by play of Hilary Duff’s baby juggle right here:

  • The Pick Up 1 of 6
    The Pick Up
    First Hilary takes young Luca out of his carseat.
  • The Lift 2 of 6
    The Lift
    Then there is a big lift to get leverage.
  • The Adjustment 3 of 6
    The Adjustment
    Then here is an adjustment as she gets Luca settled in for the switch.
  • Getting Ready 4 of 6
    Getting Ready
    Making sure she has a firm hand on him, Hilary is ready!
  • The Cross Over 5 of 6
    The Cross Over
    Then, the cross-over, in one fell swoop.
  • Success 6 of 6
    Then the final placement. Success for mom and son!

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