How Top Chef's Padma Lakshmi Lost Her Baby Weight


Padma Lakshmi returned to Top Chef just weeks after giving birth to her daughter Krishna. Her focus wasn’t on losing the baby weight, but instead, on doing well on-set.

“I went from being bedridden to being in front of a camera,” she tells OK!. “I needed to make sure I was healthy. I was breastfeeding and I wanted to be good at my job and that involves tasting food. I couldn’t worry about my weight and taste everything on the show.”

Still-five months later and she is almost back to her old self. She took the opportunity to shed the pounds when Top Chef went on hiatus in mid-May, cutting out all the foods that really taste good. On the no eat list:
Ice cream and sweets, red meat and fried food. Milk was non-fat, yogurt was non-fat, and only cottage cheese of the low-fat variety was allowed to be consumed. She ate carbs, but just in the morning and limited them to whole grain.

To burn calories she took boxing classes and would run a whopping Super Woman amount of 42 flights.

Padma looks great but is still a few pounds shy of her goal weight. She’s still not stressing it though. “I like the way I look bigger, and I like the way I look when I’m smaller. They’re two different versions of me. I can’t expect to look immediately the way I looked before. It is about feeling good about yourself and feeling healthy.”

Cheers to that! This is a great perspective to take especially when most celebs go crazy and starve themselves or take to extreme workouts in order to drop the lbs.


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