How Twin Mom Molly Ringwald Got in Shape


Molly RingwaldWhat was the key to Molly Ringwald getting back into shape after having twins? She thinks green. The 42-year-old mother of eight-month-old twins Adele and Roman and six-year-old Mathilda said she diets, but not strictly, and eats a lot of green veggies.

“I try to make sure that I eat something green. I think that’s just a really good rule of thumb. I love all different kinds of vegetables, but the green ones are generally the best for you and the best for your diet.”

Is that it?

No, her regime included cutting down on carbs and incorporating the the dreaded “e” word: exercise.

Ringwald stuck to “a sensible diet, cutting down on sweets and upping the vegetables and protein, less starch, and I just worked out a lot, I’d say about three or four times a week.”

Well, she looked great at the Oscars during the John Hughes tribute and on the red carpet. Claire from The Breakfast Club would approve.


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