How Well Do You Know Suri Cruise? (Take Our Quiz!)

How well do you know Suri Cruise?

She’s stylish, she’s sassy, and she, according the Forbes magazine, is the most powerful tot in Hollywood.  Suri Cruise has already been around the world a few times over, met more dignitaries and world leaders than your average White House child (that’s right Sasha and Mailia Obama) and has a shoe collection that would even make Imelda Marcos green with envy.

The five-year-old daughter of power couple Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes has already crossed off many things that are on most people’s bucket lists and she hasn’t even hit the first grade.

Take our quiz and see how well you know Suri Cruise.  When you’re done, let us know how you faired!

(Editor’s Note:  If you haven’t already guessed, many of the answers can be found over at Suri’s Burn Book!)




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    What is Suri's favorite clothing brand? a) Gap Kids b) Gymboree c) The Children's Place d) The kids department at Macy's
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    Answer: None of the above. It's Pucci. Suri doesn't do shopping malls or department store brands.
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    What is Suri's favorite mode of transportation? a) By car but only in a Bentley, of course. b) By bus once in awhile she likes to mingle with the plebeians. c) By luxury yacht d) By helicopter
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    Answer: By helicopter. Especially if she needs to make it to gymnastics class on time.
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    What is Suri's favorite fashion accessory? a) Jewelry from Tiffany's b) Her Mary Jane Shoes c) Her Blanket d) Her custom-made Chanel tote
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    Her blanket. Duh.
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    What is Suri's biggest fear? a) Her parents, Tom and Katie, dancing in public b) Kate Middleton giving birth to a baby girl c) Being photographed in the same outfit twice d) Being photographed in the same outfit as her west coast fashion nemesis, Honor Warren.
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    Kate Middleton giving birth to a baby girl. As far as the tabloids will be concerned, it will be Suri who?
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    Where is Suri's favorite holiday destination? a) South of France b) The Amalfi Coast c) South Beach, Miami d) Sesame Place in Langhorne, Pennsylvania
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    South Beach, of course. Often does she order her favorite endive salad with beets, walnuts, and sprinkled blue cheese poolside and frequents a Sushi restaurant on Collins Ave. for a edamame and seaweed salad.
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    What is Suri's favorite extra-curricular activity? a) Ballet b) Jazz c) Gymnastics d) Tap
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    Gymnastics she takes her parents' helicopter to class in Chelsea Piers
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    Who does Suri consider to be her biggest Hollywood threat (in the royalty ranks that is)? a) Barron Trump b) Harper Seven Beckham c) Arabella Trump-Kushner d) The unborn Beyonce Knowles/Jay-Z child.
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    That baby that is currently taking up real estate in Beyonce's womb. Unless it turns out to be a boy, that is.
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    What is Suri's favorite television show? a) Glee b) The Celebrity Apprentice c) Ni Hao, Kai-Lan d) Dora The Explorer
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    Ni Hao, Kai-Lan. She's taking extra courses to help brush up on her Mandarin for business purposes.
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    What is Suri's pet name for her father, Tom Cruise? a) Lolli-Pop b) Big Daddy c) Tommy Boy d) Polly Pocket
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    The Answer? Tom. She's on a first-name basis with her parents.
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    Who is Suri's favorite Disney Princess? a) Sleeping Beauty b) Mulan c) Cinderella d) Pocohontas
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    It's actually Tinkerbell. Have you been paying attention to Suri's footwear as of late?
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    What U.S. city is Suri's favorite? a) Chicago b) Los Angeles c) New York City d) Dallas
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    Answer: New York City. Too many reality television star children hang out in L.A., which Suri considers passé.



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