How Will Tina Fey Juggle It All? '30 Rock,' 'SNL,' And Baby On The Way!

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Tina Fey Juggles It All: '30 Rock,' 'SNL,' and A New Baby!

In Tina Fey’s new book, Bossypants, she admits that “the rudest question you can ask a woman” is “How do you juggle it all?” But now that the actress is expecting her second child on top of multiple acting gigs, it’s only natural to wonder how she will accomplish it all!

Fey’s typical workweek includes 14-hour workdays on her NBC hit 30 Rock, while the writer follow her home to continue working into all hours of the night. She writes and stars in movies, she’s promoting her book, and she’s having another baby. And now on May 7, Fey will host Saturday Night Live (her third time overall).

It seems as though Fey doesn’t sleep at all. And wondering how she juggles it all is not an insult – it’s a wish to find out her secret and be more like her!

How do you think Tina Fey accomplishes it all?