Howard Stern Contract: Is He Finished With Radio After This?

howard stern contract howard stern sirius radio sirius
Howard Stern contract: Is dad of three done at Sirius and on radio after this?

Now that Howard Stern’s contract extension is taken care of, with the shock jock signing for another five years, the big question is will this be the final five years for Stern on radio or any other outlet? He said as much this morning, when he announced the new deal with Sirius XM on his satellite radio show.

“I can say with almost certainty that this is my final five years on radio,” the father of three told his listeners.

Wow, only five more years of Stern! Who will bring us the outrageous morning stuff like Connie Hamzy and other guests that you CANNOT let your kids listen to? Or is Stern already using this as a negotiating ploy for the next five years?

What do you think will Stern be gone after this?


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