Howard Stern Contract: Listen to Howard Stern Contract Announcement (Video)

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Listen to Howard Stern's contract announcement

Listen to Howard Stern’s contract renewal announcement in these video clips from his December 9 morning show on SIRIUS XM, where he lets fans know that he has a new contract for five more years.

Listen to Howard Stern’s contract announcement below (note: NSFW, as Stern always is!).

Naturally, Howard Stern built up the suspense about his contract news, kicking off with a fake announcement and delaying the news of his five year contract to keep viewers wondering.

In fact, in this series of videos, Howard Stern doesn’t make the contract announcement until the third video!

Stern says they haven’t worked out the schedule for now, it’s four days a week, but Stern says it’s not all finalized.

Robin asks why Howard Stern didn’t have a big press conference to make the announcement he said he’ll do some appearances to talk about the SIRIUS app. Stern said he’s been contacted recently and will appear on some shows.

Howard Stern’s co-workers, so far, don’t have deals in place yet and Stern said he doesn’t have control over their contracts. Let’s hope that Stern’s whole crew stays in place!

Howard Stern fans are no doubt grateful for the Stern contract news! Are you a faithful Howard Stern Show listener?