Update: Howard Stern To Join Ellen on American Idol? Rumors are heating up.

howardsternAre the rumors that Howard Stern is  heading to American Idol no longer rumors?  Here’s the Howard update…

A few days ago we wrote up the post below – speculating about Howard Stern’s recent courtship by Fox’s American Idol brass.  See – we even made a nice graphic of what the panel of judges MIGHT look like if he did in fact accept the job.   Today, there’s even more speculation that it might be more realistic than we previously suspected as Howard said on his show yesterday, “I might do it for the right price.  Howard fans will recognize that each time his contract comes up for renewal (or expires as this case may be), the airwaves are filled with talk of what comes next for “the king of all media.”   Stay tuned for more updates!

Earlier post: 2/07/10


Could be. And we’re only saying this because Howard himself confirmed that he’d been “approached” this week and well, if Howard says it, it could be true. (not to mention that every time contract negotiations come up, new jobs for Howard get bandied about.)

In it’s ninth season, I’m not sure I can take much more of the endless montages (seemingly more staged each year) of off key wannabes and super-star hopefuls. But I do give credit to the producers of the show for recognizing that even if the talent gets stale, the real drama can play out at the judges table. They’ve already  raised the bar with Ellen and  would certainly raise it with biting genius that is Howard.

But would the “king of all media” take the gig when his very lucrative deal with Sirius expires soon? Who knows. But if he does, we’ll no doubt be treated to weekly sparring between him and his co-judges Ellen and kooky Kara.

My question is this: If (and yes, it’s a big IF), Howard took the job — how would he  hold his tongue and keep the show from veering into R, even x-rated territory. Or,  as tv would censor it, an entire hour filled with “BLEEP, BLEEP, BLEEP” every time he opened his mouth?

No doubt, parents would be up in arms, with more fuel for the ongoing “is Simon being too critical and setting a bad example for our kids?” debate. But Fox isn’t stupid — they know this and are obviously willing to take this risk. The upside for them? When Howard signed up with Sirius, subscribers quadrupled. So he’s almost a guarantee for an increase in ratings.

While he’d probably hold back on Ellen (despite his temptation to make comments about her lesbian love life with Portia) how could he resist the target that is Kara every week?
Whether for her sex appeal (remember that shot of her in her bikini?) or her daffy nature (Howard loves a bimbo, but only if they’re half-dressed in the studio. He really doesn’t suffer fools.) I can’t imagine him not making a few off-color remarks at least every episode. Ok, more than a few.

And don’t get me started on how he could skewer the female (and male) contestants paraded before him at every show, let alone the bottom of the barrel he’d see during the initial auditions. It would be a city-to-city smack down.

But Howard is an idiosyncratic fella to say the least. We know he has very particular passions, and perhaps, American Idol is one of them. And as it’s one of the few jobs that might be able to match his annual salary (skywards of $100 million a year), we might just see him smirking and snarling in Simon’s chair next year.

What do you think? Would you want to see Howard as a judge on Idol next year? Or would he be so mean that the show might not be considered suitable family fare?

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