Hugh Grant Confirms: My Daughter Has A Brother!


hughgrantbabytwitterLeave it to Hugh Grant to give out one of the most confusing birth announcements ever, LOL. The British actor confirmed reports that he has become a dad again on his Twitter account, but the way he wrote it had everyone scratching their heads and saying, “huh?”

The British actor tweeted this message on his account Saturday morning. He has a thing for announcing that he has babies out of no where, right?

In answer to some journos. Am thrilled my daughter now has a brother. Adore them both to an uncool degree. They have a fab mum.

I really love the “uncool degree” part there. But what was really confusing was that Hugh didn’t really say if he was the father or not, (since he did once confirm that his baby mama Tinglan Hong was just that – a baby mama), so he Tweeted this message out too:

And to be crystal clear. I am the Daddy.

OMG, Hugh, I love you. His role in his “About A Movie” movie is so him in real life, right? Actually he is a hybrid of his roles from both “About a Boy” and “Bridget Jones’ Diary.” And of course I’m reading his tweets in a bored upper-crust British accent, too. Damn he’s sexy.

Congrats to Hugh, Tinglan and their babies. Now show us some pictures!!

Photo via YouTube

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