Hulu Glee Premiere Episode Online: Watch Glee Season 2 Premiere on Hulu

hulu glee premiere episode online
Hulu has Glee's season 2 premiere online now

Hulu has Glee’s premiere episode (season 2, episode 1 “Audition”) now on their website. Hulu’s Glee season 2 premiere is great if you missed the show last night on Fox, or want to watch it again.

Glee’s season premiere, “Audition,” had the glee club gang in search of some new recruits, introducing Gleeks to new castmembers played by Charice (Sunshine) and Chord Overstreet (Sam). I won’t spoil what goes on with Sunshine and Sam, but it’s nice to see some new talent on Glee this season.

Also talented is the new football coach, Coach Beiste, played to perfection by Dot Jones. From the Glee season 2 premiere, it looks like Coach Beiste is going to be an excellent antagonist for that mean old Sue Sylvester. Can’t wait to see what Beiste brings to the table.

Songs in the Glee season premiere include “What I Did for Love,” “Telephone,” “Billionaire,” “Empire State of Mind” and “Listen.”

Watch the Hulu Glee premiere online now!

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