Hunger Games Casting: We Have Our Katniss, Who Will Play Peeta?

hunger games casting
Who will be Peeta in The Hunger Games?

Don’t hate me Twilight fans, but I’m more excited about The Hunger Games coming out next year than I am about Breaking Dawn.

So, the casting of The Hunger Games is a big source of intrigue right now. Katniss Everdeen, the fiesty heroine of the series, will be played by Winter’s Bone star Jennifer Lawrence.

But, the role of Peeta Mallark has not been decided yet.  Who are the top contenders?

  Alex Pettyfer is rumored to be a favorite to play the role. I wasn’t really sold on him, even though I adored him in Beastly. But, Peeta needs to be someone solidly built who can look a little rugged after being in the Hunger Games arena and I think he could pull it off!

Hunter Parrish from Weeds is another choice, but I think he looks too baby-faced for the role of Peeta.  Josh Hutcherson has also said he’s met with producers of The Hunger Games. I could almost see him in the role, too.

Who do you want to play Peeta in The Hunger Games?