Hurricane Sandy: 24 Celebrities Tweet About the Chaos & Craziness!

Ivanka Trump's Little Storm Watcher

There is one big news story this week, it’s not the upcoming election, it’s not the Giants winning the World Series, it’s Sandy, hurricane Sandy that is.

Sandy is having her way with the eastern seaboard – flooding streets, downing trees and killing power. But even in the midst of the chaos, people are tweeting and tweeting a whole lot, especially celebrities.

Throughout the day stars of stage, screen and reality TV have shared their prayers for friends, family and fans. And some are stuck in their homes – thanks to hurricane Sandy – where they are playing games, baking and, yes, tweeting.

Check out these twenty plus celebrities from Bethenny Frankel resting with a ovarian cyst, Snooki losing power and Melissa Joan Hart having to hide in her basement.

See what they said right here:

(at left: Ivanka Trump tweeted, “Baby Storm Chaser. #sandy #hurricane”)

  • Snooki 1 of 25
    "It's getting bad here in north jersey! I hope everyone is safe !!!!!" Also, "Ahhhhh our power went out!" But she used some of their reserved power for movie time! "Lap top DVD, fireplace Lorenzo & jionni. #lightsout #sandy."
    Source Tweet #1: Twitter
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    Source Tweet #3: Twitter
  • Bethenny Frankel 2 of 25
    Bethenny Frankel
    "I don't know what is more of a pain. Sandy or an ovarian cyst. Lying in bed w a heating pad watching news & reading tweets."
    Source: Twitter
  • Shanna Moakler 3 of 25
    Shanna Moakler
    "My family is in Rhode Island and I believe it's high tide tonight when it hits...;( Update from mama moaks, the water is the highest she's seen in 40 yrs, its past our driveway, about 100 yards from water.. they still have another hour before its at peak...theyve shut down every road and they are praying the pumps don't break. big prayers guys!"
    Source Tweet #1: Twitter
    Source Tweet #2: Twitter
  • Kourtney Kardashian 4 of 25
    Kourtney Kardashian
    "Wow! I am finally catching up on all that has happened today in NY. Tragic! Time to pray. #SANDY"
    Source: Twitter
  • Hilary Duff 5 of 25
    Hilary Duff
    "Thoughts and prayers for all the people on the east coast in the wake of this terrible storm! Be safe and stay strong xx"
    Source: Twitter
  • Sonja Morgan 6 of 25
    Sonja Morgan
    "Atlantic City without power and some people didn't listen to Governer Christie and did not evacuate. No help til tmrw morn. God Bless"
    Source: Twitter
  • Teresa Giudice 7 of 25
    Teresa Giudice
    "Still all good here, with power."
    Source: Twitter
  • Busy Philipps 8 of 25
    Busy Philipps
    "Stay safe, my east coast friends! I'm thinking about you..."
    Source: Twitter
  • Kate Gosselin 9 of 25
    Kate Gosselin
    "We r snacking up a storm here...well,snacking thru a needed post #HurricaneSandy"
    Source: Twitter
  • Kate Gosselin 10 of 25
    Kate Gosselin
    "Because you asked, Shoka outside with his girls AND his coat on...pre Sandy!"
    Photo Source: Twitter
  • Kelly Bensimon, 11 of 25
    Kelly Bensimon,
    "It's so scarey being alone with two girls in #sandy . I feel for every single mother everywhere. You are not alone." She also later wrote, "I love the #rhony fans. I will never engage in fodder as i have proved. Focus on #sandy and the wellness of others."
    Source Tweet #1: Twitter
    Source Tweet #2: Twitter
  • Kyle Richards 12 of 25
    Kyle Richards
    "I have a feeling that a lot of babies are going to be born 9 months from now on the east coast"
    Source: Twitter
  • Elizabeth Banks 13 of 25
    Elizabeth Banks
    "Hope all my friends and family on the East Coast stay safe and dry. #Sandy"
    Source: Twitter
  • Jennifer Lopez 14 of 25
    Jennifer Lopez
    "To all my #JLoVERS all over the world and back home... I love you.. Sleep tight... #BeSAFE"
    Source: Twitter
  • Solange Knowles 15 of 25
    Solange Knowles
    "Guess me and Julez will be in Mexico a lot longer than planned."
    Source: Twitter
  • Melissa Joan Hart 16 of 25
    Melissa Joan Hart
    She tweeted this photo of pumpkins which were being nibbled on by squirrels. Later she wrote, "Moving the family to te basement. Too many giant trees falling. Stay safe everyone. God Bless!"
    Photo Source: Twitter
    Source: Twitter
  • Miranda Kerr 17 of 25
    Miranda Kerr
    "Staying safe and cosy" #hurricanesandynyc"
    Photo Source: Twitter
  • Miranda Kerr’s View 18 of 25
    Miranda Kerr's View
    "#sandy NYC ☔
    Photo Source: Twitter
  • Sherri Shepherd 19 of 25
    Sherri Shepherd
    "Uh oh... power just went out. Jeffrey's running around w the flashlights now...I was making baked apples when all the power went out... weird not having the tv on in the background. Praying that everyone stays safe."
    Source Tweet #1: Twitter
    Source Tweet #2: Twitter
  • Kyra Sedgwick 20 of 25
    Kyra Sedgwick
    "Not one mention in the debates. Lets talk people!!Hurricane Sandy Raises Questions About Climate Change."
    Source: Twitter
  • Mariah Carey 21 of 25
    Mariah Carey
    "Everybody on the east coast, please stay safe!!"
    Source: Twitter
  • Denise Richards 22 of 25
    Denise Richards
    "I've never seen the city this empty"
    Photo Source: Twitter
  • Neil Patrick Harris 23 of 25
    Neil Patrick Harris
    "Stay strong, east coasters. You're awesome and resilient. Sending you good and dry vibes."
    Source: Twitter
  • Courteney Cox 24 of 25
    Courteney Cox
    "Thinking about everyone in Sandy's path. Prayers for your safety."
    Source: Twitter
  • Pete Wentz 25 of 25
    Pete Wentz
    "Stay safe NYC - I ❤ you"
    Source: Twitter

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