Husband Kris Humphries Was The Last To Know About Kim Kardashian's Pregnancy


It’s a technicality, but if you ask certain people out there, it’s a big one that is probably going to get in the way of Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy.

According to sources, her husband Kris Humphries was the last to know about his wife’s pregnancy with her lover, Kanye West. I mean, you couldn’t make this stuff up for a telenova if you tried.

As I’m sure the entire world knows by now, Kim is at the end of her first trimester so that’s three months pregnant and she’s been dating rapper Kanye for about 10 months. It didn’t take her long to plan this one out, now did it?

But this does bring up the old age question of how important is marriage before pregnancy to future mothers and fathers these days? While there’s no doubt that the celebrity world does play by their own set of rules these days, do you think that raising children without making a marriage commitment becoming more and more acceptable or is it still important for families to adhere to some sort of tradition by setting some sort of foundation before bringing in children to the world?

Is Kim getting pregnant with her baby daddy so quick while still technically being married OK or should she have waited before her divorce papers were finalized? Let us know your thoughts, Babble readers!

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