Hush Up, Haters: Why Michelle Obama's Extravagant Vacation Is Not A National Disgrace

michelle obamaMichelle Obama recently took a vacation to Spain, where she must have either killed someone or stolen the crown jewels, based on how people are reacting. While the First Lady went on vacation, the pundits took a vacation from common sense.

They say: The president’s wife should not be enjoying a lavish vacation while the rest of the country remains mired in an economic slump.

I say: It must be a slow news cycle. What’s this really about?

Michelle Obama did not: use taxpayer money to take this vacation; pretend she was doing anything other than going and having a good time; grow up in the lap of luxury enjoying such vacations every year and thus expecting them; start the current economic crisis; or murder/steal crown jewels, though you couldn’t tell any of that from the stuff I’ve read.

Let’s address the arguments, shall we?

Argument one: The First Lady is being insensitive to the unemployed by taking a nice vacation. The truth: Her vacation has nothing to do with the guy in Detroit who can’t find a job, as very, very unfortunate as that is. If she had vacationed in Maryland instead of Spain would the guy in Detroit be feeling better? I doubt it.

Argument two: She’s been telling people to cut back; why shouldn’t she? The truth: This is a woman who shops at J. Crew and planted a garden at the White House. She’s not exactly burning $100 bills on the White House lawn.

Argument three: She is forcing the taxpayers to pay for the secret service who are there protecting her. The truth: They taxpayers pay for the secret service no matter where she was and she’s frequently jetting around the world for official appearances.

Argument four: She should have just stayed at home and not brought herself into her husband’s election-year issues. The truth: This is not 1954. Mrs. Obama has the right to go on vacation and enjoy herself and live her life, which is connected with her husband’s, yes, but it’s not her job to live in his shadow. All she did was go on vacation.

Argument five: She’s a “modern-day Marie Antoinette.” The truth: Wow, do I really even need to respond to this? Someone needs to bone up on their French history.

Dare I ask … what do you think?

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Article Posted 6 years Ago
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