I Dreamed a Dream - Glee Features Best Casting Ever!


Susan Boyle may have ruined I Dreamed a Dream for many, like how many more times can one endure hearing that version right?  But if you had lost faith in the power of this song due to it’s non-stop repetition, the stunning rendition by Idina Menzel and Lea Michele on “Glee” would reinstate any doubt that it’s a musical classic.  But that’s not the only miraculous feat on the “Dream On”of episode of “Glee” directed by Joss Whedon of “Buffy The Vampire Slayer”. The other amazing thing? The casting. (caution —spoiler alert)

On Tuesday’s episode it was reveled that Idina’s character Shelby Cororan is Rachel’s mother. I have one thing to say about this. Best. Casting. Ever. Their physical similarity, their tenacious way of attacking a song and their power and grace make it totally believable that they are a mother daughter duo. A very talented mother daughter duo that is.

The back-story is that a long time ago Idina’s character answered an ad for a birth mother in exchange for enough money to live in New York City for two years. She only got a glimpse of her daughter when she was born, she saw the nurses wash her off, but seeing her daughter that one time was apparently a moment that had haunted her since. But who knows if her confession to the boy she sent to “seduce” Rachel was sincere. Next week Idina’s character and Rachel do a duet of Lady Gaga’s Poker Face so there is surely trouble brewing.

Did you watch the episode? Thoughts?

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