I Hate Fred The Movie, Why You Shouldn't Let Your Kids Watch It!


fred the movieHave you watched Fred The Movie yet?  I have.  Twice.  It gets more painful with each viewing. 

As a parent of a pre-teen, movie watching is a precarious activity.  We’re trapped somewhere between cartoon films that have been deemed ‘baby shows’ and the blood and gore (or even worse kissing) of grown-up flicks.   We’re in the land we’re Hannah Montana has transitioned between being a cute southern girl to being declared ‘hot’ by my pre-teen son.

I’m trapped in the land of Fred the Movie and I want out!

To be entirely honest, my kids loved the movie.  Not liked, they rolled with laughter and absolutely loved the Nickelodeon film.   The reasons they loved it are the same reasons I will ‘accidentally’ be deleting off the DVR this afternoon. 

If you haven’t already heard of Fred, it basically started out as a YouTube sensation that was developed into a two-hour made-for-TV film featuring the adventures of Fred Figglehorn as played by Lucas Cruikshank.    Fred has a crush on the girl next door, Judy, who moves away and the film follows Fred’s adventures as he tries to find her.  The film is essentially a recap of Fred’s adventures to stalk Judy. 

Fred is one of the most annoying characters I have ever experienced.   The voice of Fred which is amusing in short video clips is absolutely grating after the first few minutes of the film.  Throughout its two hours of insufferable adventures, Fred manages to attempt to undo many of the lessons I teach my kids.  Bullying, body functions, racial jokes, and stalking are not funny or fun.   

Based on the popularity of the YouTube videos, I expect Fred the Movie to be a huge success and we will probably have to sit through Fred the Movie 2 – Judy’s Revenge.   Just a few more years and I can move out of the land of pre-teen movies into PG-13 land! 

What did you think of Fred The Movie?
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