I Wish I Was Invited To Cheryl Hines' Valentine's Day Party


cheryl-hines-valentines-dayCheryl Hines is having an amazing Valentine’s Day party for her daughter Catherine, 5. There will be manicures and a wedding cake. I’m thinking my invitation must have gotten lost in the mail.

Hines is having a Sweetheart Soirée for Catherine and her friends, and this isn’t your run-of-the-mill kiddie party. “We’re going to order a wedding cake, and have a Valentine’s Day party for her friends,” she says. “My daughter and I keep wanting to buy a wedding cake because we decided that wedding cake shouldn’t be just for when you get married because that’s not very fair. What if you never get married?”

And before the party, a little mother-daughter pampering for the Curb Your Enthusiasm star and her little girl. “It’s cute. Usually she sits in my lap and we get our fingernails done together,” Hines says. “It’s a real fun time for us. For Catherine, the brighter and the sparklier, the better. It is fun. If I’m not shooting, I’ll let her pick out my color. I’ve had some really nice, green fingernails before.”