iCarly iSam's Mom Rocks the Anniversary Show


isam's momWhat are your kids doing on the Internet?  On iCarly, Sam’s mom got a whole new view on her daughter and her activities on tonight’s extra special third anniversary special, iSam’s mom.

The bigger than life Pam was brought into reality in grand style by the hilarious Jane Lynch in the much hyped-about episode that actually lived up to the hype!

So what did Sam think about her mom’s visit?

She writes on her character blog, “It’s been three years since Me and Carls and that other guy started our little web show and now it seems like everyone on the planet watches iCarly!!!  with the exception of my mom, of course. Yep, until just a few days ago, she didn’t even know iCarly existed. :(” 

“But now, thanks to therapy, me and my mom are cool again and she feels bad about having never watched a single iCarly webcast,” Sam adds.  “So to make it up to me, she’s spent the whole week going through and watching everything!”

What did you think of Jane’s take on the fiesty Pam?