iCarly's Spaghetti Tacos: Try These Spaghetti Tacos Recipes

icarly spaghetti tacos recipe
iCarly spaghetti taco recipes for a unique dinner

When I first saw iCarly’s spaghetti tacos, I admit I totally wanted to try the crazy concoction. Spaghetti inside a crispy taco shell? What’s not to love?

iCarly creator Dan Schneider explained how spaghetti tacos came to be, telling the New York Times: “It was just a little joke I came up with for one episode. Then it turned into a running joke. And now it’s this thing people actually do.”

Do you remember the first time Carly’s brother, Spencer, made spaghetti tacos?

Robert Thompson, a professor of popular culture at Syracuse University in New York, weighs in on the spaghetti taco phenom, saying the “combination seems to be an inevitability, sort of like chocolate and peanut butter running into each other on that Reese’s commercial. The amazement should be only that it took ‘iCarly’ to bring it into our melting pot of a culture.”

He added that “it’s a very important technological development. You don’t even need a plate.”

For your dining enjoyment, here are a few spaghetti taco recipes:
The Pioneer Woman

Have your kids tried spaghetti tacos? Do you have a favorite spaghetti taco recipe?


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