Idol Alum Constantine Excited To Be A Dad


Constantine Maroulis, a popular alum from 2005’s American Idol season, is about to become a dad, and he couldn’t be happier. The singer is having a baby with his girlfriend, Angel Reed, a fellow Broadway musical Rock Of Ages star.

The Tony-nominated performer said he’s “just living every day right now, trying to do good work and provide for family long term–so I’m looking forward to the road ahead, definitely.”

And it seems he’s doing a good job if it. Rock of Ages has been wildly successful, and Maroulis will continue to come along for the ride, which has other benefits besides allowing him to provide for his future baby. “A lot of Yank[ee]s are big fans of our show. We had A-Rod there,” he said.

The singer will be joining the shows national tour, starting in Chicago on Sept. 21.