If Designers Make Clothes For Plus Size Women, Is That Sending The Wrong Message?


Lizzie Miller Glamour MagDo you remember Lizzie Miller? She was the ‘plus size’ model that posed for Glamour magazine last year in the nude making women everywhere breathe a sigh of relief that they weren’t the only ones out there that had a belly! Her picture was one of the beginning signals to the fashion industry that women come in all shapes, sizes and waist lines. And, according to this article in New York Magazine, maybe the reason so many ‘plus size’ models are posing nude is because there really is a lack of designer clothing for them to wear.
So, according to this article, designers such as Chanel are going to start making styles in designs up to size 18 for Saks Fifth Avenue. Good idea? Some say no women should just exercise and get themselves in shape. I mean you just have to read some of the comments on the NY Mag website to see that many people think that if you are plus sized it’s your own fault. But let’s face it women come in all shapes and sizes, and women like to be able to buy clothes that fit well and look good. Regardless of their size.
I have more of an issue with Lizzie Miller being called plus size! Looking at her picture, while she may have a bit of a belly, she certainly seems to be the size of an average woman. But the question is if we start designing for plus size women is that sending a bad message to our daughters that being plus size is ok? I don’t think so. While there is no doubt that the obesity epidemic is a major problem in North America to suggest that designing clothes for every size will only contribute to that is ridiculous. But to imply that women should only wear designer clothes if they are a size 10 or less is also ridiculous, and unfair. Women like to look good, and women like to wear nice clothes. To suggest that only women who are smaller than average like to dress in designer labels is insulting. So what do you think? Do you think more designers should be making clothes for plus-size, or do you think that’s sending a bad message?

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