If Mariah Carey Is Pregnant, Why Won't She Admit It?


There has been quite a buzz around Mariah Carey lately since the singer seems to be sporting what appears to be a growing baby bump. Millions of people around the world are asking themselves the same question: Is Mariah Carey pregnant?  And if she is, then why doesn’t she just go ahead and announce it already?

You would think that Mariah and her husband, Nick Cannon would be jumping for joy at the news of adding a new member to their family, but for whatever reason, they are keeping mum on the topic.

There are a few reasons why Mariah and Nick may want to keep her pregnancy news under wraps for a bit longer.

1. Her age – She is 40 years old, and it is common knowledge that the risks of pregnancy greatly increase for women over 35.  Could it be that Mariah Carey is, in fact, pregnant, but wants to be almost full-term before she reveals the big news just in case something goes wrong?  Is she afraid of jinxing the health of her baby by making the announcement too soon?

2. Her younger husband – Mariah’s husband, Nick Cannon, is 10 years her junior at 30 years old.  Could it be that Nick wants to maintain his youthful image by not admitting that he may be a father sometime soon?  Is there a possibility that he just isn’t ready to go down that road?

3. Privacy issues – Maybe Mariah and Nick just want to enjoy the idea of having a child together out of the spotlight for a bit.  Maybe they figure that if they go public with the news of her pregnancy, then they will be followed by every photographer in a 50 mile radius.

One thing’s for sure, judging from photos, Mariah Carey is definitely either pregnant, or has been eating a lot of good meals lately. She and Nick are going to have to open their mouths at some point, don’t you think?

Photo: PRPhotos