If Teresa Giudice's Nephew Is a Love Child, Does It Excuse Her Actions?


Teresa Giudice: Jersey’s own fabricated princess, decked out in animal print, dressing her children like Barbie dolls, spending money she doesn’t have, buying things even after bankruptcy, attacking Danielle Staub and flipping tables, dropping the B-bomb at every second and living in a marble McMansion. She’s a nightmare.

But let’s say for a second that the new rumors are true-that her husband Joe has stepped out on her and fathered a child that they acknowledge as their nephew.  Do you feel more sympathetic towards her?  If Danielle had her followed by a private investigator and is friends with Joe’s mistress as rumored, does Teres’s rage become more palatable?  Is she simply Mama Bear trying to protect her family and not just your run-of-the-mill psycho?

I’m not sure, but it could be a reason for her excessive spending. If she feels that her marriage is not stable and that people know, she may go the extra mile to try and keep up an appearance of happiness and contentment. Or she may be upset and use shopping as a way to relieve stress.  And as long as we’re speculating, Joe may also be lavishing gifts and money on her to garner her forgiveness.

What do you think?  Joe has proven himself to be the least reliable of characters.  This season alone he has lied about finances and gotten a DUI.   I wouldn’t put this past him.