If You Really Knew Me: Would You Let Your Kids Be On This Show?


MTV’s newest reality show, If You Really Knew Me, goes in a slightly different direction than their major hits The Hills and Jersey Shore. Rather than a premise of partying and boyfriend-girlfriend drama, this show focuses on high school kids who struggled with peer pressure and self confidence.

MTV partnered with Challenge Day, a social program that takes place in high schools to help kids get to know each other–and themselves–better. If You Realy Knew Me depicts Challenge Day various high schools–Freedom High School in Oakley, Calif. for one–and follows the students as they navigate social issues, stereotypes, and judgements.

The show is an intimate portrayal of these kids’ struggles, and can get very emotional and serious at times. Would you be okay with your child being on an MTV reality show, if it was one like this?


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