In Case You Didnt Know: DJ Pauly D Loves Babies

DJ Pauly D

It looks like Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi might not be the only Jersey Shore star who is going to be a parent soon. Her roommate, DJ Pauly D, also apparently has the case of the babies.

That is, as long as they’re not his.

The reality television star seems to be one of the few outspoken Jersey Shore stars that is very excited about Snooki’s pregnany. He tells the New York Post:

“I want to be [in] the delivery room. I love babies! I love everything about them, when they’re not yours. So I’ll take care of it, spoil it and then when it’s crying, give it back to Snooki.”

Well how cute is that! We didn’t know that Pauly D had such a soft side to him.

Meanwhile, Snooks said that she plans on dethroning Charlize Theron as the hottest mom on the block by planning on being an even hotter mom than her. She also adds that her partying days are just about done. She tells Page 6:

“I love partying, but now I’m in total mom mode. I just can’t wait to have a kid now.”