In Defense of Gabrielle Union - Sued For Her Role As The Other Woman


Actress Gabrielle Union was hit with an interesting lawsuit this week. She is being sued by her boyfriend Dwyane Wade‘s estranged-wife Siohvaughn Wade. Why? For basically, being the other woman. Siohvaughn didn’t just complain about her ex’s new love to her friends and family, she made it official with a lawsuit. She is asking for damages in excess of $50,000. So what is Siohvaughn claiming?

1. The lawsuit claims that Gabrielle and Wade “engaged in sexual foreplay” in front of her sons. Now this can be measured in many different ways. Let’s use the classic baseball analogy for gettin’ busy. Was it as simple as 1st base, which some could define as sexual foreplay. Was there a little 2nd base thrown in? Well that could  cross the line, but a little grab here or there could be pretty PG. And if there was 3rd base action, well perhaps the boys walked in on the couple unannounced.

2. Seeing such act has apparently “severely inflicted the Plaintiffs emotionally and mentally.” Now this would really depend on what the kids saw. If the two were just making out, well the therapist bills won’t be racking up with that one.

3. “Defendant has played sexually explicit roles, including roles as a seductress,” the lawsuit reads. “Defendant has apparently decided to take her role beyond the films and into the home of a married man, Dwyane Wade, in the presence of his two minor children.” This statement is a bit confusing. Was she rehearsing her lines in front of the kids? Is she a method actress and was living as her character? Sounds more like someone else is playing the role of woman scorned quite well.

4. Santa was very nice to Gabrielle but not as nice to the boys. They didn’t get coal but rather something measured as “medium size gifts” from Dwyane. Gabrielle, she got “the biggest gift of all.” But when kids are eight and two years old, that’s not the age when you buy them something of substantial value. Toys – that’s what kids like and probably what they got. A movie star like Gabrielle? She probably likes things such as diamonds or fancy cars. And that’s probably the sort of thing she got. Makes perfect sense. I don’t think any two year old would know what to do with a tennis bracelet.


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