Independent Spirit Awards 2011: Where to Find The Show on Your Television!

independent spirit awards 2011
Independent Spirit Awards 2011

It’s officially Oscar Eve!  That means that the Independent Spirit Awards are on in full force with all the best indie actors Hollywood has to offer on hand in Santa Monica, California.  The fact that the Independent Spirit Awards only pay tribute to the lower budget, lower profile indie films make it a bit harder to find the broadcast on your television set.

Where can you find the Independent Spirit Awards 2011 on your television?

The Independent Film Awards started airing at 10 PM EST on the Independent Film Channel with several additional airings planned.  In addition to tonight’s initial airing, you can see the awards again at 2:30 AM, 8:00 AM, and 4 PM on Sunday as well as 10:30 AM on Monday. 

 For cable subscribers, you’ll have to check your local listings for the Independent Film Channel.  Nationwide you can find IFC on DirecTV channel 559 and Dish Network channel 131.